Many Office365 clients are transitioning their users to Multi-Factor Authentication to increase data security. In light of this, the most common issue or complaint from users relates to Outlook either on their desktop or on their phone constantly requesting a password. The user will type in their user-friendly password, but that’s not what Office365 is looking for; rather, a new ‘App Password’ needs to be generated for that user, for that particular application. So one would want to create two, aptly-named (usually I choose ‘Outlook’ and ‘Mobile Outlook’), passwords for each user (unless they don’t use email on their phone).


To Create an App Password:

  1. Sign in to Office 365 as the affected user.
  2. Choose Settings  > Office 365.
  3. Choose Security & Privacy > Additional security verification. You’ll only see this option if your admin has set up multi-factor authentication for that user in the organization.
  4. Choose Update my phone numbers used for account security. This will display the following page:
  5. At the top of the page, choose App Passwords as highlighted above.
  6. Choose create to get an app password.
  7. If prompted, type a name for your app password (This is where I usually name it either ‘Outlook’ or ‘Mobile’ for example, and click Next.
  8. Choose copy password to clipboard. You won’t need to memorize this password.
    **Please note, in the past I have had issues copying this password, I recommend all my users copy this into Notepad before proceeding.

9. Go to the app that you want to connect to your Office 365 account. When prompted to enter a password, paste the app password in the box.


Once an App Password has been generated and copied down, you will now want to apply that to the user’s Outlook:

An end-user will only need to do these steps once.

  1. Open Outlook on your desktop.
  2. Wherever you’re prompted for your password, paste the app password in the box. For example, if you’ve already added your account to Outlook, when prompted paste the app password here.
  3. Or, if you’re adding your Office 365 account to Outlook, enter your app password here:
  4. Restart Outlook.