Removing Project Service Demo Managed Solution from Dynamics 365

Recently, Microsoft has been releasing vertical-oriented managed solutions to complement the basic out-of-the-box (OOTB) CRM customizations as a way to quickstart an implementation. One of which, the Project Service demo, has had some issues when users decide to remove said solution from their instance if it’s not the right fit. The technical details for the solution failure can sometimes not encompass exactly what’s happening or the list of dependencies does not convey exactly what needs to be ‘unhooked’ before the solution can be successfully removed.

Working with Microsoft, we were able to discover that the issue exists with a particular global option set, ‘Birthday Day,’ that caused the failure during removal. By changing the option set to another global option set, the solution can be removed without issue.

Microsoft mentioned that they will be tweaking this in the future so as to not cause confusion during the removal process; but, for the time being, bear in mind what global option sets are being used in the solution as they may not appear on the dependencies list.

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