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“Harris Technology has been a strategic partner since the inception of CRM at our organization.  They are not only technologists but strategists who have helped us align our technology with our ever-changing business needs. The best part about working with Harris is that they are more than just business partners, they are trusted advisors.  Our partnership is invaluable!”
Denise H, National accounting firm

The Harris Technology brand is associated in my mind with a high level of energy, innovation and collaboration.  As our company engaged Harris to assist us with assessing our needs and implementing a CRM solution, we very quickly realized that we had a complex situation to deal with.  Ron’s team was there to accept the challenge and walk us through to completion. 

Ron Harris has a highly developed gift of being able to connect with individuals to understand their needs.  He can communicate solutions to them with brilliant simplicity.  I believe his genuine interest in others is the engine that drives the results he obtains in working with people.  Ron possess an amazing mixture of adolescent Dan Aykroyd humor and super-Ph.D. technological intellect; the blend is something everyone on the client team can wittingly relate with while his deep insights into solving complex problems maintain an air of awe. 

What a standout Harris Technology is in their industry.  They have my respect and appreciation for their services to our business. 

Jim S, Pharmaceutical products and services

Ron and his team dramatically reengineered how we used technology to better connect with our clients  for our business.  Harris Technology truly provided exceptional service, spent time to understand our needs, and delivered a solution that rivals that of what web 2.0 providers are still striving for nearly 9 years later. Ron was and continues to be ahead of his time and that’s exactly what a client needs from a consultant.

Shawn B, Manufacturer exercise equipment

Having a business partner like Harris Technology has been crucial to the success of CRM throughout our company.  What sets them apart is their ability to understand our business and business objectives are.  Our business is a rapidly changing one, and Harris Technology’s commitment to fast, high level customer service allows us to keep CRM customized to meet the ever changing needs that we face as a business.” 

Patti C, Financial Services network

“I’m going to speak plainly about my praise for Harris Technology. You may not find a better IT consulting firm. Working with them to design a highly customized CRM for our business was a relief and a joy.  Rarely, do you find a group of people with such integrity, expertise, cost-consciousness, common sense and humor.

“During the one-year project, I was involved in every aspect of the design, implementation and training process. Harris Technology’s collaborative style was essential in developing the CRM structure we needed. Because our needs were so specific and unique, a few of our design solutions were envisioned whole cloth, then designed from original code from Harris’ exceptional programmers.”

Laura H, Manufacturer of exercise equipment

“Our company has been doing business with Harris Technology for almost 8 years now. We’ve always found their technical experience and customer support to be excellent. Most recently they helped us move our entire phone system over to Microsoft while making the process smooth and easy. I’ve enjoyed working with Ron and our business has been more than pleased with Harris Technology. Looking forward to another 8 years with them.”

Kelsey L, Oil Field Service Firm

“We engaged Ron’s team following an endorsement from Hoovers. Our CRM had become virtually unusable to us prior to bringing Harris Technology on board – they saved the application for us. Throughout the process they did an excellent job of setting expectations, staying within budget, and restoring the functionality of the application.

“In our experience Ron and his team are unique in their devotion to responsiveness and expertise and this includes all aspects of their services from coding to DBA to training to the back office support. Superlative on all counts.”

Gene M, Software manufacturer Human Capital Management

“Harris Technology and our company has maintained a very long and mutually beneficial relationship for more than a decade. They have helped lower our technology support spend related to our extensive CRM implementation. Through the years, they have prepared and executed a plan to move us from ACT to SalesLogix, and then in 2016 moved to Dynamics 365.  It would have been nearly impossible to getting the needed resources together for such large projects and execute in a timely manner. They have the resources and experience necessary to plan these projects and deliver UNDER budget.”

John C, Bank and Credit Union services

“Ron is a trusted consultant, manager and person who is flexible, creative, and professional. I consider him a partner whom I can count on to get results, overcome obstacles, and honor commitments.

“He and his team at Harris Technology is a pleasure to work with and I am honored to call them my partners.”

Angie F, International franchise organization

I have been associated with Ron Harris and Harris Technology since 2006. Initially, I believed that the business software he provided was not for a sole proprietor. It didn’t take very long to understand that the variety of options available through the Microsoft solutions he provides can be scaled to accommodate a very small office all the way up to international corporations. His software solutions are not limited to the basic, out-of-the-box product. Customization and training for the solution you select are provided to ensure that your business is enhanced by the investment you make. If you have been thinking about taking the next step in improving your customer relationship software, the only question on your mind after working with Ron Harris will be, “Why did I wait so long?”

Jerry D , Consulting services

I have welcomed Ron’s experience and insights when designing and implementing CRMs and custom workflows for my Support team needs. He was able to get us designed, installed, trained within scope and budget and kindly followed up our needs at certain times after our go live. No surprises, effective meetings, and good quality made our projects enjoyable. I appreciate his availability for questions and look forward to doing business with him again.

Chris C, Software manufacturer

Ron has been a great help to me personally and to our company during the implementation of Dynamics 365. Ron and his team listened to my business needs, and made recommendations that had a strong impact on not only a successful implementation, but he also opened my eyes to ways of using the CRM beyond our initial scope.  I highly recommend Harris Technology and Ron Harris for any Dynamics 365 business implementation.

Gauthier P, Manufacturer of environmental equipment