NQCranes finds Dynamics 365 to be a game changer.  They are located in Australia and have 50-200 employees.  NQCranes is a 40 year-old family run business who saw room for improvement by moving from on-premise Navision (NAV) accounting to the Microsoft online platform.  NQCranes implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Field Service.

User Story: Learn from other businesses that use Microsoft Technology to continuously improve their business.

According to Kris Pidgeon, Operations Manager for NQCranes “Business Central and Field Service has been a game changer for our business”.

The Microsoft platform enables NQCranes to be extremely efficient.  For example, the visibility and use of data in a single database, referred to as the Common Data Service (CDS), reduces data entry and makes it easier to report on the data from both Business Central and Field Service.

Why is a single database a game changer?

Imagine if NQCranes used 3 different applications, each with a different database.  Let’s say they used Infor MAS 500 for accounting, Freshworks Freshdesk for field service management, and perhaps an email marketing system like MailChimp.  These 3 applications do not share information with each other.  Over time, the common data can get out of sync.  For instance, which system has the correct mailing address?  With 3 “silos of information” it is difficult to know which database contains the correct data.

Silos of Information

Instead of 3 separate applications, let’s say that NQCranes uses Business Central for accounting, Field Service for field service management, and Dynamics 365 Marketing.  These application work as if you are using a single-application on one database.  To summarize, here are a few reasons this is significant.

  • All of the applications on the Microsoft platform have a similar look and feel which makes learning them easier,
  • One login and security model for users,
  • Reporting is simplified.  One report can provide data from all of the applications,
  • No duplicate data entry, a contact record in the marketing application is the same record used in the field service application.  What do this mean, just update the email address of the contact it is available to all applications, and
  • Data is visible, as-needed, across applications because of a common security model.

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