Now we have the option to use all of the application on your “work computer” on any any device you’re using such as a Mac, iPad, Android, Surface or any other device.  The solution is Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

Instead of installing all your business applications directly on the host computer, load them on a “virtual desktop”.  When you’re in the office, you run your virtual desktop on your workstation computer.  When you get home, run your virtual desktop from your MacBook Pro.  If you are on the road and you have iPad or a Surface laptop, you run your virtual desktop.  You use all of your work apps.

How Do I Know My Work is Secure?

Your applications are only loaded on the virtual desktop.  Have you ever left a device in a hotel or had one stolen from a vehicle?  The applications and data are sitting in the cloud on the virtual desktop.  As soon as you can get a replacement device you are productive.  Working from home due to COVID-19 is no longer an issue if you use Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

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