Get ready for Personalized Themes in Microsoft Dynamics when your instance of MS CRM 2015 receives the update 1 rollup for online customers or you apply the rollup to your on-premise implementation of MS CRM 2015.  You will now have the ability to setup custom themes.  This is the first incarnation of this feature for MS CRM so there are some limitations.  Watch the following video from Microsoft to learn more about what you will be able to change in your custom theme.

Backgrounds, fonts, and icons cannot be changed by custom themes with this release.  Look for this capability in future releases.  In addition to the above features, you can now apply customer colors to entities which show up in the navigation tiles (as well as other places).  Microsoft is really working to improve MS CRM and make it more feature rich.  Look for this update to be applied to the MS CRM 2015 online system in April 2015. Personalized Themes in Microsoft Dynamics is a great way to feel like an extension of the business.  For the latest on themes, check out Microsoft Docs.