How frustrated are you with lack of sales?  Customers mention the desire for faster interactions with sales people to twice as often as price. Is your sales process broken?  Is your sales process well defined, but not well executed?  Is it automated?

Is your sales team trying to manage multiple relationships using spreadsheets?  How many sales have you lost because you didn’t build a relationship with one key person from the buying team?

Dynamics 365 Sales and other technology tools from Microsoft can take you from zero to Hero.  Technology and how it is used within a business is the lever you need to turn sales into science.

How do you respond to these challenges?  Do you find the following to be true for your business?

  • 88% of customers expect personalized sales by 2020, according to some valid source.  More people are involved in a B2B purchase, 10 people are involved right now.  As a result, your sales team needs to be able to manage relationships with multiple people at the same time.
  • 82% of customers want a seamless, cross-channel experience with more human interaction.  Big challenge here, given that 70% of customers are well into their purchase journey before they connect with your sales person.  How many channels are available to your customers before they purchase?
  • The #1 customer request: speed up interactions with sales.  Speed to sale was mentioned 2x as often as price.  You can get the sale simply by being faster to respond.  60% of business lack a well designed sales process, which slows the process of closing business.  Are you ready to close business quickly?

The right technology will improve your ability to manage multiple customer relationships, not just for the initial sale but for ongoing sales, the key to profitability for many businesses.  What channels of communication are your sales people able to use with customers?  Do you use phone, and email?  What about SMS, web-chat, web-calls with video, any others?  What about your sales processes?  How much automation are you using to speed up the sales dance?

Map to your customer expectations

What Microsoft has done with Dynamics 365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is amazing.  Are you ready for a change, an improvement?  We should talk.