Intelligent Query: How to Enhance your Advanced Find Experience

One of the golden features of Dynamics 365 is Advanced Find. It’s my go-to feature for building queries and finding exactly the data I need in the shortest amount of time. However, there is one caveat; this native feature does not allow you to build an Advanced Find with a “Does Not Exist” or “Does Not Have” query.

With the CRM Intelligent Query from Cobalt, it is now possible to find a parent record that does not have any child records. The Dynamics world can rejoice! Now you can build a query to find all Accounts with no Activity, Accounts without an Opportunity in the system, Cases that don’t have a scheduled follow-up and so on. The possibilities are endless. The ability to build these queries are going to make it easier for you and your sales team to drill down on the data you need to follow-up with your customers and prospects.

Let’s take a look at an example.

As a Sales Manager, you want to find out how well your team is working to create Opportunities with their Prospect Accounts, so you to decide to build a query that isolates all Prospect Accounts that have no associated Opportunity.

While these queries can make use of nested links and numerous filters, in the above, we are able to use a simple “Not In” query of looking for Prospect Accounts with no Opportunity. “Does Not Contain Data” is the trigger that CRM Intelligent Query uses to infer a “Does Not Have” or “Not In” condition.

Due to Advanced Find’s current limitations, normally, this query would return zero results because it is impossible for an Opportunity record to exist without the primary key. With CRM Intelligent Query, it will infer that what you intended by this query was to return all Accounts with No Opportunities, since retrieving all Accounts tied to an Opportunity where no Opportunity exists doesn’t make sense.

Now, the Sales Manager is this example can follow-up with his team on the results of this query and focus on those Prospects without an opportunity in the pipeline.

For more information and great examples of how this powerful tool can work for you, visit the Microsoft AppSource:

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